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Exhibition systems - mobile advertising

The mobile exhibition systems have become very popular and are used in a variety of different occasions and events. The mobile advertising materials are quiet easy to handle. The biggest advantages of mobile advertising are ease of transport, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly and thanks to the interchangeable graphics versatile and multiple application. In our offer you will find advertising constructions for exhibition systems such as masts, stands and accessories for beach flags. Apart from accessories for beach flags, we also offer roll ups, exhibition wall constructions or aluminum profiles for tenter frames. Our range is constantly expanding.

Masts and stands for feather flags

Beachmasts are the perfect solution for outdoor advertising in different weather conditions and on any type of soil. This advertising system consists of a mast, a flag and a stand. In our offer you will find two kinds of masts made of fiberglass or aluminum. For each pole you can choose the appropriate base depending on the application. We offer feet in different sizes, with different weights and for all kinds of floor surfaces. The bease fits to the masts which we offer on our shop.

Rollup Systems

Roll up systems are one of the most popular advertising media. Roll Up is lightweight and can be used in a variety of ways. The rollup system consists of a cassette in which the graphic is rolled up and a frame with holder. The rollup systems are used as part of a company stand at trade fairs, conferences or exhibitions. The roll ups are easy to handle and versatile thanks to the interchangeable graphics.

Mobile advertising walls

Folded exhibition walls are a large-format solution for advertising or presenting. A pop up stands can pass on advertising slogans or can be used as a separation in the fairs trades between stands. The construction of our Hop Up textile folding walls is easy to assemble and disassemble and after disassembly fits into a carrying bag. The graphics are just as easy to attach to the construction.

Aluminum tension frames

The aluminium profile are a modern solution for presenting graphics on textile fabrics. The frames are made of aluminum profiles. In our offer you will find aluminum frames for mounting directly on the wall, for hanging, free standing or lighted. In our online shop standard frame sizes are available, but on request we can produce any sizes for you. The aluminum frames are used as advertising media or decoration. You can also this kind of system as a solution to divide a area for smaller.