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Fiberglass pole for feather flags 2,8m

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Fiberglass pole for feather flags 3,4m

Fiberglass pole for feather flags 2,8m

Portable feather flag pole
Upper elements made from fiberglass, top elements from aluminium
Flexible mast easily adapting to different shapes of flags
For use with all types of bases from our store
Material: aluminium and fiberglass
Number of elements: 3 or 4 (depending on the lot)
Pole length: 2,8m
Pole diameter at the base: outside- 19mm, inside - 17mm
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Portable flag pole of length 2,8 m is composed of 3 modules: bottom one is made of powder-coated aluminum and top two ones are made of fiberglass. Perfect for almost any shape of the flag. Feather flag pole is equipped with a movable ring (up-down) which allows you to adjust the tension of the flag. Feather flags with this portable flag pole can be used for both, internal and external exposure. It’s perfect for interiors because usually there is no need for bigger ads there. It’s suitable to different types of bases which allows you to expose your flag on the various types of grounds.
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Weight0,4 kg
Pole length2,8 m (+/- 3%)
Pole diameterat the base - external 19 mm, internal 17 mm
Materiałfiberglass, aluminium
Assemblyconnecting elements by inserting one into the other
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Offered advertising masts

A very important element of the beachflag is the advertising mast itself, on which a flag with the company logo or slogan is placed. We offer advertising masts of various lengths, made of aluminum and fiberglass. Offered masts are flexible and are resistant to wind, deformation or cracks. Our beachflag masts are light and easy to transport. They fit flags of various shapes, i.e. teardrops, rectangles, wings, etc. They can be used with various types of mast bases, depending on the ground on which the winder is to be placed.

Flag mast sizes

We offer four different lengths of portable advertising masts, i.e. 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m and 5.6m. What mast size should you recommend to the customer? You should consider what advertising message it should present, where it will be displayed, and whether there are any exposure restrictions. Larger masts are most often used outside, while smaller ones inside buildings, where there is less space.

2,8 m portable mast

The 2.8-meter long mast is the perfect choice for organizing small-scale promotional events, where content on the flag should be readable, first of all, up close. Several beachflags can help set up an advertising stand in a larger undeveloped space. It is also a convenient solution when there are architectural restrictions on the building, i.e. low ceilings or organizational restrictions related to the height of the stand construction.