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Fiberglass pole for feather flags 3,4m

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Fiberglass pole for feather flags 2,8m

Maszt do flagi reklamowej - AxOx Media

Fiberglass pole for feather flags 4,5m

Fiberglass pole for feather flags 3,4m

Portable advertising flag pole
Upper elements are made from fiberglass
which makes them flexible
Pole adapts to differents flag shapes
For use with all types of bases from our store
Material: aluminium and fiberglass
Number of elements: 4
Pole length: 3,4m
Pole diameter at the base: outside- 19mm, inside - 17mm
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Cheap flag poles for feather flags 3.4 m come in colour black and are composed of 4 elements. Two bottom parts of flag pole are made of aluminum covered in powder paint and the top two are made of fiberglass. Flexible fiber elements allow you to present feather flags in different shapes. The rod of the cheap flag poles is equipped with a movable ring (up-down) which allows you to adjust the tension of the flag. Depending on the selected base, you can display it on a different types of substrates, both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to wind and other weather factors. Cheap flag poles are therefore ideal advertisement solution in sport halls or exhibitions as well as in front of shops, food trucks, on the beaches, fields, etc.
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Weight0,5 kg
Pole length3,4 m (+/- 3%)
Pole diameterexternal 19 mm, internal 17 mm
Materiałfiberglass, aluminium
Assemblyconnecting elements by inserting one into the other
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Offered masts

The one of most important elements of advertising flags are masts, that largely depends on their durability in different wheather conditions. Offered by us poles comes in 4 lengths and are made of aluminum and fiberglass which gives you flexibility and ability to adjust to different shapes of flags. Offered versatile masts for Feather flag are also light and easy to transport but also durable and resistant to external factors like gusts of wind. Our masts can be used with different shapes of flags like feather, quill or crest. Also they are suitable to different types of bases which allows you to expose your flag on the various types of grounds.

Masts sizes

In our store you can purchase masts in four sizes: S-2, 8 m, M-3.4 m, L-4, 5 m and XL-5.6 m. What size of mast should we recommend to the customer? It all depends on his needs. Where the flag will be exposed, in what conditions and with what restrictions. For internal exposure clients often choose smaller flags due to limitations of the building. For outdoor use clients expects their ad to be visible from afar, which can be achieved by using flags with longer masts. Keep in mind that the total height of the flag may be less than the length of the used mast. This is due to the fact that mast curves to give your flag required shape.

Portable mast 3,4 m

This mast can be a compromise between maintaining a slightly larger advertising space and restrictions on the space where the flag will be placed. Feather flags equipped in 3, 4 m mast can be used both outdoor, where their size should not be a problem, but also inside in small area buildings. Also perfect for halls, enclosed areas, but also for the stalls at the street, food trucks, shops, etc.