Ścianka reklamowa HOP-UP M - AxOx Media

HOP-UP Stand M - 3x3 - frame

Aluminium Fabric Display Straight - frame - AxOx Media

Aluminium Fabric Display Straight - frame

Ściaka wystawiennicza HOP-UP L - AxOx Media

HOP-UP Stand M - 3x4 - frame

HOP-UP Stand M - 3x3 - frame

advertising wall for graphics printed on a textile material
printed cloth installed on the front and sides of the wall with velcro
one-piece foldable aluminium system
convenient to transport and use
in set with a transport bag
dimensions: 2.30 m x 2.30 m x 0.30m
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The pop us stand HOP-UP M 3x3 is a light exhibition system, which is easy and quick to assemble. It is made of aluminium sections and plastic fasteners. Graphics on pop up stand are fixed to the structure with hook and loop fasteners. The fabric with graphics also covers the partition sides. Such pop up stand can be quickly taken down with no need to remove the graphics. The HOP-UP stand can be set up by one person without using any additional tools. The pop up stand can be reused many times with various graphics. You can use the pop up stand every time when you need it. The graphic can be changed very easy. The set includes the HOP-UP pop up stand structure, carrying bag made of waterproof polyester, and a roll of hook and loop fastener to sew to the graphics.
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Weight7,1 kg
Dimensions2,30 m x 2,30 m x 0,30 m
Assemblyno assembly needed
Method of installing the graphicswith velcros
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Portable POP UP Stand

Portable advertising pop up stand are very convenient in exhibition of graphic advertisements on textile fabric. Our HOP-UP pop up stands structures are made of aluminium, which makes the pop up stand lights and easy to transport. They are also easy to set up. All you have to do is put it up and fix the graphic textile with the included special velcro. The pop up stands are reusable and the fabric with advertising graphics can be quickly changed. The set-up process can be done by a single person, does not require any tools, and the collapsed structure with graphics will easily fit in a car. The HOP-UP pop up stand will definitely help prepare a professional company exhibit at all kinds of professional conferences and fairs but they will also allow for graphic presentation of information or enforce the company’s presence at various promotional events.


Our offer includes the three most popular sizes of collapsible HOP-UP advertising stands:
HOP-UP 3x3 – size of pop up stand: 2.30 m x 2.30 m x 0.30 m
HOP-UP 3x4 –size of pop up stand: 3.04 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m
HOP-UP 3x5 – size of pop up stand: 3.79 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m
You can choose from different pop up stnads widths depending on your requirements and the limitations imposed by available space. All of them are suited to hold graphic fabric fixed with velcro. The advertising stand structure includes the hook and loop fastener to be sewn to the textile and a convenient carrying bag.

HOP-UP M– 3x3 textile stand

The HOP-UP pop up stand 3x3 textile pop up stand is a portable advertising partition in very popular size. When expanded, the stand size is 2.29 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m. The graphic fabric fixed to the stand structure covers the entire partition front and its sides. The pop up stand is very light and easy to expand and its size makes it perfect for even the smallest company stands.