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HOP-UP Stand M - 3x5 - frame

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HOP-UP Stand M - 3x4 - frame

HOP-UP Stand M - 3x5 - frame

foldable fabric exhibition wall
graphics attached to the system with velcro
one-piece aluminium frame
easy to use and transport
transport bag included
dimensions: 3.79 m x 2.29 m x 0.32m
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Textile pop up display Hop Up 3x5 is a lightweight exhibition system for quick installation. The folding pop up display is made of aluminum construction with plastic hooks. The graphic is attached to the construction with Velcro. The pop up display fabric with graphics is stretched to the side walls. The textile pop up displayis also often called the exhibition wall or advertising display and the construction can be folded up with graphics. The pop up display is easy to set up and dismantle without tools. The textile pop up display is suitable for multiple and versatile use, as you can reprint and replace the graphic. The set includes a waterproof polyester bag and Velcro for graphics.
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Weight9,8 kg
Dimensions3,79 m x 2,29 m x 0,32 m
Assemblyno assembly needed
Method of installing the graphicswith velcros
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Portable exhibition display

The HOP-UP exhibition display is perfect for professional arrangements of company stands for all occasions, including professional fairs, conferences, promotional events, etc. Our offered HOP-UP exhibition display structures are made with aluminium sections and equipped with plastic fasteners stabilising the expanded structure. The mobile exhibition display is light and very easy to set up and transport. Assembly of the exhibition display is easy because you need only to fixing the graphics printout to it with the velcro. When collapsed, the exhibition display will easily to transport. Thanks to these features, you can take the collapsible HOP-UP exhibition display anywhere to display information about your company, products, services, or just enforce the company’s image at an attended event. The exhibition display is a reusable universal exhibition. Thanks to their structure, the graphic material can be quickly changed. If there is no need to change the advertised message, the exhibition display can be collapsed and placed in the bag with the fixed material, which is very convent and saves time.

HOP-UP exhibition display sizes

Our offer includes the three most popular sizes of collapsible HOP-UP advertising stands:
HOP-UP 3x3 – size of pop up stand: 2.29 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m
HOP-UP 3x4 –size of pop up stand: 3.04 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m
HOP-UP 3x5 – size of pop up stand: 3.79 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m
When you are designing your company stand, you can choose from three exhibition display sizes depending on the available space. If you have bigger surface you can take HOP-UP XL structure which allows you to present your advertisment on the biggest printout. For smaller advertising places we recommend one of the smaller systems, which will catch the attention of your potencial clients.

HOP-UP XL – 3x5 textile partition

The HOP-UP L 3x5 exhibition display is the biggest available mobile advertising stand. The exhibition display L has size 3.79 m x 2.29 m x 0.32 m. The whole system is very light and easy to take down and transport. The main attitiude of the exhibition display is that you can fast chang the graphic which you exposed on the system. You can replace the printpout without a big effort.