We supply the templates for feather flags, exhibition walls and tents

We have prepared for you flag templates adapted to the flag poles in our offer. Of course, you can use your own templates and check their fit to a specific mast, advertising wall or tent.

Flag templates for fiberglass poles are available for all the sizes in three different shapes:

Template for feather flag Bend - Axox Media Template for feather flag Drop - Axox Media Template for feather flag Straight - Axox Media

Flag templates for aluminium poles are available for each size and shape of the flag pole

HopUp Wall templates are prepared for all sizes that we offer in the store: M, L and XL and include the front of the wall and sides

Tent templates include all available print options, i.e. roof, high walls and low walls.

What should you do to receive the print template?

If you are interested in receiving a print template, please include such information in additional comments when placing the order or send an inquiry to info@axox.eu. Please indicate the product name and size in which you are interested, and in the case of fiberglass masts also giving the shape of the flag. The template will be sent to you via e-mail.


When using the received template, please remember that the final effect of the presentation of the entire flag is influenced by additional factors such as printing technology, used material, inks, etc. In connection with the above, Axox Media sp.z o.o. (owner of the AxOx brand) is not responsible for matching and placing printed material on a flag pole. We recommend making a test print, mounting the flag on the appropriate mast and checking its fit.